The plan has been around for a while and the OTRS Community Board (OCB) already promoted the idea on several occasions, including the Community Meetings in Dresden and Berlin. Now it’s time to go spread the word and find support.

The full presentation of the mindset behind tidbit is found at the end of the page. So let’s sum it up and start the discussion:

tidbit – What it’s all about

The standard OTRS lacks central and versatile template management for tickets, answers and blocks of standardized text. There are rather annoying workarounds like the built-in standard responses, using a FAQ as a template, etc. All of them lack the central aspects of true template management as found in other help desk systems.

tidbit is the idea of having a centralized management for this:

  • text snippets
  • full reponses
  • ready-made tickets (ticket templates)

Imagine having direct access to a collection of queue-specific text snippets from within the text editor, having a list of pre-formatted tickets for recurring tasks and the option to use contents from a different standard response within another answer. All this and a lot more – that’s tidbit.

tidbit – Who’s behind it?

tidbit is an idea deriving from the community members day-to-day business usage. The OCB just gave it the inertia it needed. So who’s behind it? It’s the OTRS community.

Coordination will be handled by the OCB, until we put together a project group. If you would like to join this group, then contact us!

As a community project tidbit will be built primarily upon voluntary input. To get a consistent and professional result, we will hire professional programmers to do the core programming. Biding will begin for contractors as soon as the requirements are outlined and the scope is fixed.

tidbit – What are the next steps?

By now tidbit is “just” an idea, but development will start soon. We are currently looking for partners to willingly contribute in terms of ideas, knowledge, development manpower, and last but not least financially.

If you think tidbit is worth being supported, then feel free contact us. Contributors will be honored, when the time comes :). This could mean exclusive beta releases or mentions in prominent places, let us decide together.

tidbit – What about you?

  • Interested in tidbit?
  • Do you have some great ideas for GUI integration?
  • Know people who would, or already do, spend a fortune on a system like that?
  • Want to be part of the project team?

Then simply send an e-mail to daniel.obee [at] otterhub.org

Download: tidbit-concept-V1.2.pdf