Since a while we are planning to found an incorporated association to give the OTRS community an official basis. This is kind of a logical move and nothing extraordinary in the world of Open Source.

The association will give us the legal background for working on events, publications, and complex projects. It will enable us to raise funds and last but not least grant a level of participation to the community.

The regular user meetings, the founding of the OTRS Community Board itself and the OtterHub form a solid ground to build the association on. And a sounding name is there now too – OtterHub e. V. (the later is the German abbrevation for “incorporated association”).

The association will yet be founded in 2011. We feel the time has come to make this happen. This is an ambitious plan but we hope this commitment will help us to focus and to motivate ourselves.

Participation in creating the charter and entering the association as a founding member will be open to everybody. We plan personal memberships as well as company memberships.

If interested please address the OTRS Community Board at association [at]