15.03.2014 – 16.03.2014 – OtterHub @ Chemnitz Linux Days 2014

Meet the OtterHub @ Chemnitz Linux Days 2014!

Infos: http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/2014/en/info/

More info later…

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OtterHub Forums down

The OtterHub Forums are down since a while. The problem is caused due to a syn flood attack that targets the sever.

We hope to be able to solve this soon. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: The forums are up and running again. Sorry for it taking so long. Our hands were bound for days because the problem had to be solved by the hosting company which obviously didn’t react as quick as necessary.

To prevent situations like this in the future we will renegotiate the hosting and hopefully come up with a solution that is less vulnerable and dependent. We’ll keep you updated.

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Open letter to OTRS AG

Dear OTRS AG, dear Christopher, dear Manuel,

it’s been a while since we talked. That might be deplorable. But meanwhile we used our resources to push the OtterHub infrastructure (namely the registered association OtterHub e.V.) . That is to provide the community with the chance to collaborate and help each other.

In your statement about the packageverification you talk about OtterHub as “detached community members”. That hurts a little. The community project OPAR is where community members spend a lot of time to voluntarily contribute to the OTRS project.

Obviously your statement is a direct reaction to the critique that emerged from different parties (including individual members of OtterHub) on the new package verification.

Package Verification – Why bother?

Continue reading

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Do you miss recent OtterHub news?

Just to let you know, the OtterHub project is not dead. We´re just not updating our english site this often, because community activity is mainly located in germany at the moment.

But maybe you like to check our more often updated german website. You also could try a Google translated version to get a short overview about whats going on.

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OTRS community repositorys for OPM packages

Do you already know the community repositories for OTRS OPM packages (OTRS modules)? Check: http://opmzone.org http://opar.perl-services.de/
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Welcome to OtterHub!

Otter \ˈä-tər\ Cute little mammal, belonging to the weasel family, whose plural happens to resemble a well known ticket system. The otter is one of the few animals using tools to achieve its goal. Hub \ˈhəb\ [1] netword node, connection of multiple networks and network members [2] distribution center, transfer site for information and goods
The time has come. We are giving the OTRS Community Board (OCB) a new face. Continue reading
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