Welcome to OtterHub!

Otter \ˈä-tər\ Cute little mammal, belonging to the weasel family, whose plural happens to resemble a well known ticket system. The otter is one of the few animals using tools to achieve its goal. Hub \ˈhəb\ [1] netword node, connection of multiple networks and network members [2] distribution center, transfer site for information and goods
The time has come. We are giving the OTRS Community Board (OCB) a new face. Since founding the OTRS Community Board in February 2011 we are working on gathering, expanding and activating the current OTRS community. This online presence will accompany our efforts and should  also underline the independent nature of the board itself. With the Otter as mascot and the OtterHub as symbol for communication and exchange we want to help the community growing together. This means:
  • more communication, whether online in the forum and on the mailing lists or offline at expositions, regulars tables, and user meetups,
  • more joint approaches to the daily challenge, exchanging and enhancing tips, tricks and best practices,
  • discovering synergies during the joint development of extensions, connectors and solutions.
The OtterHub is meant to be informal center and focal point of the OTRS Community Board activities. News, community projects, and reports on events will here find their place. The OtterHub is open to all community members. Send us pictures or reports of events, share news and make use of OtterHub as a host for your community projects. Bring it on! Your OtterHub Team Alexander, André and Daniel
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